Power & Electrical Systems

Q - Do I need a DC transformer as the power of the original Halogen lights I am replacing is 110v 60hz?
 Yes, you will need a power source of 12 to 24 VDC
Q - How do I know the correct wire diameter, switch and fuse to use?
A - Electrical components should always be installed by a knowledgeable and qualified individual. Wire gauge and fusing requirements are based on circuit...
Q - Some of your lights are rated for 12VDC, but my boat only has 24VDC where I want to install the lights. Is there any way to use your 12VDC on a vessel’s 24VDC power system?
A - Yes, by running 2 of our 12VDC lights in SERIES the lights can be operated on a 24VDC system.  
Q - 1. Why do I hear noise coming from my speakers when I have my Lumitec lights and my radio on at the same time?
A - Some Noise is common on any switching type of power supply due to the nature of the power conversion. As long as there is switching of this type, ...
Q - 2. I have a PWM Dimmer on my Lumitec Lights and I’m hearing noise through my speakers when the lights are on?
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