Q - How do I know that the color of my lights will match?

A - Lumitec carefully selects LED's with tightly controlled color outputs to ensure color consistency from product to product, and even from product family to product family. The human eye can detect about 10 million different colors. This means that even minor variations in output hue across a group of lights can be detected, and may be unappealing in some situations. Lumitec carefully selects "Bins" of LED's (batches of LED's that have been grouped together by the manufacturer because they have extremely similar output) so that output hue is consistent from light to light and product family to product family. In many instances Lumitec's LED suppliers such as Cree and Phillips Lumileds will design and maintain Bins exclusively to Lumitec's exacting specifications.

In 2012 Lumitec introduced "ColorMatch": a way to ensure that all of the lights for a given application have the same output hue. The ColorMatch system ensures that output hues (e.g. warm white, neutral white, blue, red, etc.) are consistent between individual lights within a family, and between different product families.

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