Q - How do I operate my Spectrum Color lights?

A - RGBW LED Technology refers to the use of red, green, blue and white LED emitters in a single light. The various combinations of these LED will create nearly every possible color output option in the color spectrum.


How is Spectrum Color Controlled?

Spectrum Color is controlled with the use of Lumitec’s proprietary TTP, Timed Toggle Protocol technology. TTP is the use of brief “off/on” toggles of the light’s power switch to dim the light, select color output or cycle through the light modes.


Underwater Lights:

The light will start in white and then cycle through the complete color spectrum fading from one color into another, over a period of 15 seconds. After the initial 15 second cycle the light will continuously cycle through all the colors every 3 minutes.


Once the light is turned on, or at any point in the color cycle mode, it can be locked on a color by a brief off/on toggle of the switch at the desired color.


To reset the light, turn the light off for 3 seconds and the light will reset to the beginning of the cycle. Once a color is locked in, you may also toggle the power switch to restart the color cycle.



Down Lights & Utility Lights:

The light will turn on in white and ramp up to full intensity over a 4 second period. The light will remain on white until the color cycle mode is selected. You may dim the white color by toggling the switch as the light ramps up. Interrupting the ramp up period, sets the light at a lower level.


Once the white light is on, toggle once to enter the color cycle mode. A 15 second color cycle is followed by a continuous 3-minute color cycle for more precise control. The color cycle will always start with red for easy access to the night vison mode.


To select a color, as it appears toggle the switch once and the light will lock to the selected color. To dim the color, select the desired color with a toggle of the switch. Then immediately toggle again to set the color intensity. Interrupting the ramp up period, sets the light at a lower level.


To reset the light, turn the light off for 3 seconds and it will reset in the white mode.


Night vision and color cycle mode can be entered directly from an off position.

  • For the color cycle mode, toggle the switch three times to start the cycle.
  • For night vision mode, toggle the switch four times to set the light on red.
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