Underwater Lights

Q - What is the recommended spacing and/or depth for underwater lights?
A - Many factors will govern the placement or your underwater lights, including the location of a flat mounting surface, the ability to safely run...
Q - What are the modes of operation for the SeaBlazeX products?
A -    Dual Colored Lights: Mode 1: Cross-Fade - randomly cycles between blue and white Mode 2: 6 white emitters illuminated...
Q - What are the modes of operation for the SeaBlaze 3 products?
Q - Can I run the SeaBlaze underwater lights out of water?
A - Yes. All of our SeaBlaze lights incorporate a thermal foldback protection mechanism which will ensure the sophisticated internal circuitry does...
Q - Do I need to bond the SeaBlaze lights?
A - Lumitec does not recommend bonding of the SeaBlaze underwater lights.  
Q - What sealant is recommended for the underwater lights?
Q - What type of paint do I use if I am going to paint my underwater lights? What is the process I should follow if I am going to paint?
Q - Where can I see the difference between the underwater lights?
A - Click HERE for technical...
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