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Introduction to the User Interface components. All functions and components remain the same acrossall MDF, tablet and mobile devices.

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User Interface Components

Switch Panel:

1. Active switch page.

2. Customizable name of switch pages.

3. Gear Icon - Configuration and setup.

4. Hamburger menu icon - Drop down menu of options.

5. Switch that has been turned on (blue highlighted icon).

6. Switch that has the ability to be modified from default intensity and color with a press and hold of the button(Notice ring around power logo). Switch has been configured as an Omnillume in switch setup.

7. Switch is either latching or momentary ON/OFF with no ability to modify (Notice NO ring around power logo).

Omnillume Widget

Omnillume Widget

1.Switch modification popup that appears when an Omnillume switch is pressed and held for greater than 1 second.

2.Light color modification rings, press for desired color.

3.Light intensity modification.

4.Play and Pause pattern (available for Spectrum and Dual-Color lights).

Button Types

Latching or momentary ON/OFF switch with
no ability to modify.


Omnillume switch with the ability to be modified
from default intensity and color.

Switch Folder Widget

Switch Folder Widget

- Switch Folder popup appears when a Switch Folder button is pressed and held.

- A quick press of a Switch Folder button will activate the first button in the list.

- Highlighted switch showing that switch is activated.

Scene Select

Scene Select

1. The Scene Select feature allows you to group multiple scenes within one switch.

- Scene Select button contains multiple scenes.

- A quick press of a Scene Select button will activate the first scene in the list.

- Change scenes by pressing the button within 4 seconds to cycle to next scene.

- Pressing the button after 4 seconds will shut the switch off.

2. Press and hold the switch to bring up the list of scenes available under the switch.

Note: Only one scene grouped within Scene Select can be active (ON) at any given time.

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