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Technical specifications and definitions of terminology and abbreviations.

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Supported MFD Models

Manufacture Model Connection Type Adapter Cables
Garmin 8400, 8600, GPSAMAP 7-9X3, GPSMAP 8X10-24 WiFi/Ethernet Not Required
Simrad NSO EVO3/S, NSO EVO2,NSS EVO3, IDS, GO Ethernet Only Required (Check MFD Manual)
B&G Zeus3/S, Glass Helm, Zeus3/S, Vulcan Ethernet Only Required (Check MFD Manual)
Lowrance HDS Live, HDS Carbon, Elite FS Ethernet Only Required (Check MFD Manual)
Raymarine Axiom, Axiom Pro, Axiom XL Ethernet Only Required (Check MFD Manual)
Furuno - Coming Soon! TZT9F, TZT12F, TZT16F, TZT19F (Furuno FW 3.5) Ethernet Only Required (Check MFD Manual)

Dimensions & Features

Features Descriptions
PWR Positive 10-30 VDC POCO supply power. Line must be fused prior to connecting to POCO with 3 Amp ATC blade fuse or equivalent.
GRND Supply Power Ground (Battery negative terminal).
ACC Poco Accesory Bus (blue wire) to connect to Pico S8 modules.
RESET* See "RESET MODES" chart below
1-4 IN Channel Input power. Line must be fused prior to connecting to POCO with 10 Amp ATC blade fuse or equivalent (14 AWG 300V 16 inch long cable)
1-4 OUT Channel Output power to lighting circuit. Maximum 10 Amp load per channel. Maximum total load across all channels is limited to 40 Amps. Load on channel must be only one of the following: (Lumitec PLI enabled lighting/lighting capable of dimming (through PWM) / device requiring a standard ON-OFF circuit). (14 AWG 300V 16 inch long cable).
LAN Local Area Network connection. 10/100 Base T data connection to POCO. Standard CAT-5 cable with RJ45 connector required to plug into sealed network cable adapter. (18 inch long cable with Link light)
POWER Indicator - Illuminates solid Green if POCO is powered on.
CH 1-4 Indicator - Illuminates Red if power is supplied to Channel from fuse/breaker panel. - Illuminates Green if Channel has power on output wire. - Flashes Orange if PLI data is transmitted. - Illuminates solid Orange if channel is dimmed through a PWM. - Not illuminated means no power to channel input (check fuse/breaker).
STATUS Green blinking light indicates WiFi enabled but not connected. - 2 Green blinks means WiFi is enabled and connected. - 1 Blue blink means Bluetooth enabled but not connected. - 2 Blue blinks means Bluetooth enabled and connected. Blue blinking light indicates Bluetooth-LE connection status: - Not illuminated means WiFi and Bluetooth disabled within Poco.
Short-press while Poco is running. Must release before 5s. Reboot poco (no change to settings) No indication while holding down button. After release button, status LEDturns solid 'aqua' color while rebooting. Then resumes normal pattern.
Press-hold for > 5s while Poco is running, then release Restore WiFi/BLE/Eth settings. No indication while holding down button for the first 5 seconds, then rapidly blink Green/Blue until release button.
Press-hold while powering-on Poco. Hold for > 5s. Factory restore all. - Wipes otadata partition; which disables booting to any OTA partitions. - Wipes internal fs (FAT) partition; which clears any user configuration. - Wipes nvs partition; which clears WiFi/BLE/Eth settings. Status LED turns solid ‘aqua’ color while waiting for user to keep holding button. There is no indication that user has held down button long-enough. After release button, Status LED continues solid ‘aqua’ color while booting. Then resumes normal pattern.

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Term Descriptions
MFD Multifunction Display. Typically a touch screen with graphical user interface connected to various vessel sensors and hardware
PLI Power Line Instruction - Digital data sent from POCO over power wires to Lumitec lights to control color, intensity and displayed patterns
PWM Pulse Width Modulation - Used to control the intensity of Non-PLI enabled lighting through the control of the power duty cycle
UI User Interface typically displayed on MFD or other portable connected devices
TTP Time Toggle Protocol - Lumitec's proprietary technology allowing for user selectable light modes within a light by toggling a standard toggle switch
Channel (CH) One of (4) outputs on the switch hardware module
Device A single specific light or other accessory
Clan A PLI-level identifier for one or more devices. Clans are roughly organized around product families. See User Interface Setup for list of Clans
Light Group A single Device or multiple Devices defined by Clan & Channel for PLI lights or a Channel if the light group is a PWM dimmable of standard ON/OFF device
Spectrum Mode built into some Lumitec Lights that is a continuous changing of light hues (starts with blue light, transitions to red, then transitions to green and then transitions back to blue over a 3 minute time period)
Omnillume Switch User interface switch that has the ability to modify color and brightness for the lights that are attached to it with a press and hold action
Scene A set of commands sent to multiple light groups to create a custom lighting environment. Commands may include Intensity, Color, ON/OFF State, Etc.