Technology & Capabilities

Lumitec is a product development company solely focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of extreme environment LED lighting. Proudly manufacturing in the USA, the Lumitec team possesses a deep understanding of thermal, optical, and electromechanical principles which allows us to offer exceptional performance, quality and reliability to the markets and customers we serve.

Our research and development facility located in Delray Beach, Florida provides state-of-the-art resources for our engineers to extensively test and prototype new products concepts and innovative technologies. Resources include

On-site Rapid Prototyping

The technologies surrounding LED luminaires are evolving at a staggering pace. Lumitec is committed to staying ahead of this evolution. This commitment is evidenced among other things by our state-of-the-art prototyping lab and rapid product development resources. Our R&D team has at its disposal on-site CNC machining centers, mills, lathes, laser cutter, blast and paint booths, a 3D printer, and a vast array of other tools. Our Electrical Engineers can take whiteboard circuit designs to completed PCBAs in a matter of days using Electrical CAD and circuit simulation software and on-site prototype circuit board capabilities.

Electrical Lab

It comes as a great surprise to most to learn that the processing power and memory of some Lumitec luminaires exceeds that of a typical desktop PC of just 10 or 15 years ago. To develop these sophisticated devices, our engineers leverage a state of the art electrical lab. This lab houses an array of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function generators, power monitors, probes, and programmable AC and DC power supplies. Noise and EMI analysis and test tools allow us to design to the strictest standards, while reflow and hand-solder stations allow our technicians to quickly prototype and refine circuits.

Knowledgeable Responsiveness

The products we sell are only part of the story. Lumitec is a company committed to supporting our customers’ business. Our perspective is relationship-focused as opposed to transactional, with a long-term view of mutual success. This means we work hard to accommodate special requests, rush orders, and custom-product variations. It means the experts who conceived, designed, manufactured, and shipped the products are only a phone call away – and happy to help.

Testing Capabilities

Will the light survive in a harsh environment? Will delicate electrical circuitry withstand prolonged high frequency vibrations and short duration shocks? Will seals break down, or plastics degrade and craze? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we design, manufacture, and test our products. Careful material selection and rigorous mechanical design are paramount when developing long-lasting, high-performing luminaires. We maintain an on-site ASTM B-117 salt spray chamber, as well as testing equipment for mechanical shock, vibration, thermal shock, water ingress, thermal cycle stress, and a host of other protocols to rigorously gauge our products' performance under duress. These tools allow us to simulate the most demanding conditions and refine our designs to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Optics Lab

Part science, part art, optical design is probably the most underappreciated aspect of luminaire performance. Lumitec utilizes sophisticated optical design software to literally predict the path of millions of light rays. We use this information to refine designs and generate rapid optical prototypes using our proprietary techniques. From there, we analyze, evaluate, and iterate – optimizing an optical system for spread, evenness, symmetry, uniformity, and color consistency. Luminous performance is evaluated in our in-house integrating sphere – the gold standard for measuring true lumen output. Our 1 meter LabSphere integrating sphere goes through weekly calibrations to a NIST-traceable reference. Our engineers and technicians are well versed in LM-79 test procedures. This means that our team has the appropriate knowledge and tools to optimize our products and benchmark against competitors.

Precision Manufacturing

The manufacture of exceptional products requires equal parts commitment, passion, control, and exacting repeatability. Lumitec relies on a team of devoted, highly skilled assembly technicians at our manufacturing facility in Florida, USA. This team, armed with state of the art robotics and automated testing, allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and shifting markets while manufacturing to the highest standards.