Product Warranty

All Lumitec products carry a three year (3) warranty. Your product may qualify for Warranty Service. A Return Authorization number must be issued prior to any return. Please fill out our form below and our Service Department will contact you shortly. Warranty Claims must include a valid part number or product description, which can be located on the product page here.

Limited Warranty:

The product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of original purchase.

Lumitec is not responsible for product failure caused by abuse, neglect, improper installation, or failure in applications other than those for which it was designed, intended, and marketed. Lumitec, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage, loss, or injury that may result from the incorrect installation of this product, including but not limited to structural damage due to water intrusion, electrical malfunction or vessel sinking when used in marine applications.

Should your Lumitec product prove defective during the warranty period, promptly notify Lumitec for a return authorization number and return product with freight prepaid. Lumitec will, at its option, repair or replace the product or defective portion without charge for parts or labor, or, at Lumitec’s option, refund purchase price. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty shall be warranted for the unexpired portion of the warranty applying to the original product(s). No warranty or affirmation of fact, express or implied, other than as set forth in the limited warranty statement above is made or authorized by Lumitec, Inc. Any liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Lumitec liability in all events is limited to, and shall not exceed, the purchase price paid.

Warranty Claim Form

Please complete the below warranty claim form. On submission of the form you will receive a product return RA number within 2 business days. There are two methods available to our customers to obtain a replacement product.

Standard: The first option is to ship the defective product back to Lumitec with the issued RA number and wait for defective product approval. Lumitec typically completes this approval process within 5 business days from receipt of the returned light. If the product is deemed defective and valid under our 3-year limited warranty program you will be issued a replacement product similar to the defective product.

Prepayment: We also understand that many of our customers want to get their boats back into the water as quickly as possible. To meet this need Lumitec has a prepayment option where you can choose to purchase a new replacement product at MSRP. We will ship the new product to you for immediate use while we wait for the defective product to be returned and go through our warranty review process (defective light must be returned within 60 days). If the claim is deemed valid a credit will be issued to you for the purchase price.

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Contact Warranty Department

For additional information on the Lumitec warranty program, or if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ and Troubleshooting section, please contact a Lumitec representative at:


Call: 1-561-272-9840