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Power & Electrical Systems
Q - Do I need a DC transformer as the power of the original Halogen lights I am replacing is 110v 60hz?
 Yes, you will need a power source of 12 to 24 VDC
Q - How do I know the correct wire diameter, switch and fuse to use?
A - Electrical components should always be installed by a knowledgeable and qualified individual. Wire gauge and fusing requirements are based on circuit...
Q - Some of your lights are rated for 12VDC, but my boat only has 24VDC where I want to install the lights. Is there any way to use your 12VDC on a vessel’s 24VDC power system?
A - Yes, by running 2 of our 12VDC lights in SERIES the lights can be operated on a 24VDC system.  
Q - 1. Why do I hear noise coming from my speakers when I have my Lumitec lights and my radio on at the same time?
A - Some Noise is common on any switching type of power supply due to the nature of the power conversion. As long as there is switching of this type, ...
Q - 2. I have a PWM Dimmer on my Lumitec Lights and I’m hearing noise through my speakers when the lights are on?
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Light Color, Control & Dimming Function (TTP)
Q - How do I change the output color on 2 and 3 color lights?
A - Multi-color or multi-output lights may Lumitec's TTP technology.  To change the output color or output mode of a light, briefly toggle the...
Q - How do I operate my Spectrum Color lights?
A - RGBW LED Technology refers to the use of red, green, blue and white LED emitters in a single light. The various combinations of these LED will create...
Q - How do I know that the color of my lights will match?
A - Lumitec carefully selects LED's with tightly controlled color outputs to ensure color consistency from product to product, and even from product family...
Q - What is color temperature, or Corrected Color Temperature?
A - The output hue of white LED lights is often described in terms of "Color Temperature" or "Corrected Color Temperature", expressed in units of ...
Q- What is "TTP"?
A - TTP is Timed Toggle Protocol.  It is a technology developed and refined by Lumitec which enables sophisticated features like dimming and/...
Q - How do I Dim TTP-Equipped Lumitec lights?
Q - How do I change colors or change output modes of TTP-Equipped Lumitec lights?
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Underwater Lights
Q - What is the recommended spacing and/or depth for underwater lights?
A - Many factors will govern the placement or your underwater lights, including the location of a flat mounting surface, the ability to safely run...
Q - What are the modes of operation for the SeaBlazeX products?
A -    Dual Colored Lights: Mode 1: Cross-Fade - randomly cycles between blue and white Mode 2: 6 white emitters illuminated...
Q - What are the modes of operation for the SeaBlaze 3 products?
Q - Can I run the SeaBlaze underwater lights out of water?
A - Yes. All of our SeaBlaze lights incorporate a thermal foldback protection mechanism which will ensure the sophisticated internal circuitry does...
Q - Do I need to bond the SeaBlaze lights?
A - Lumitec does not recommend bonding of the SeaBlaze underwater lights.  
Q - What sealant is recommended for the underwater lights?
Q - What type of paint do I use if I am going to paint my underwater lights? What is the process I should follow if I am going to paint?
Q - Where can I see the difference between the underwater lights?
A - Click HERE for technical...
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Installation & Maintenance
Q - Do the Lumitec lights come with everything you need to install?
A - Mounting hardware is included with all Lumitec lights.  Electrical connections are unique to each installation and as such butt connectors...
Q - Is there a way to open up my lights to do repairs or change components?
A - No, your Lumitec lights are sealed at the factory.   
Q - What do I use to clean my lights?
A - Solvents, harsh chemicals, or abrasive/scouring pads should not be used for cleaning.  Mild soap and water is generally sufficient ...
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Warranty & Product Replacement
Q - How do I request a return goods authorization?
A - All requests for repair, service, or warranty repair must be initiated through our online service request form.  
Q - My lights are well out of warranty but they have been damaged. Do you offer a repair service?
A - Yes, your lights may be sent to Lumitec for a free assessment.  We will provide you with a quote for repair.   Shipping and repair...
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