Poco - Network Setup

directly through Bluetooth or WiFi on a mobile device or
through an onboard MFD ethernet connection.

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Network Setup

As a WiFi access point
The Poco by default serves as a WiFi access point (AP). This connection is good for updating firmware and importing and exporting configuration file as well as testing and configuration. The SSID is “poco-xxxx” where xxxx is a unique ID that is hardware dependent. Default password is located on the back of your Poco device. WiFi settings can be customized/disabled under the Ethernet/WiFi configuration on the maintenance page. WiFi IP address for connecting to server is (some devices may support http://poco.local).

Connecting to an existing access point
The wireless connection can also be configured for connecting Poco to existing WiFi network on the Ethernet/WiFi configuration page. IP address given will depend on DHCP server and can be determined from Access point connection status page.

Poco is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or greater and supported Android and iOS devices with an application downloadable from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download for Apple

Download for Android

Wired Network
In order to use the 10/100 Base T network connection for communicating, the POCO device must be connected with a standard Ethernet cable (not included) to a device . If all network ports are used for other system components, a network switch must be used to split the network traffic between two or more networked devices.

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